The Relapse

May 11, 2016

Life comes at you fast. Throughout this journey, I focused a lot on the things that make it hard to stick to healthy eating. As I approach the final three weeks of this challenge, I want to bring attention to something that I’ve noticed is a major problem not just for me but others in my position.


Beyond the fact, that I love food, sometimes I just don’t have time. And what I mean by that is time to meal prep or an hour and a half to cook that meal I really want. So, what’s a girl to do? If you’re like me and most others you opt for takeout. Now takeout is only your friend as far as convenience goes. Otherwise, it wreaks havoc on your wallet and your waistline.


Exhibit A.



And you’re entitled to eat take out if you don’t have time or just plain don’t feel like it. Yes there are several meal prep and delivery options but sometimes you just want something quick and within the vicinity. Something local. If you live in a GrubHub/ Seamless friendly neighborhood then you have a wealth of options but if you life in an “up and coming”, newly gentrifying neighborhood like I do you’re limited on healthy options. I can only imagine how much harder this is for someone who can’t cook.


In my neighborhood there are very few ‘food’ options. We have traditional bodega food, Spanish, classic Chinese, Crown and the very new Indian cuisines. Personally, I frigging love Indian food because well it’s spicy and I love spicy. So what is life when you’re hungry and can’t/ don’t want to cook? You could always move, presumably if you can afford the rent in a neighborhood that has more food options.


But if you can’t… Here’s what you can order but don’t make it a habit.


Bodega: Just a sandwich and keep it simple. This is pretty much the healthiest thing in the store. Be easy though, deli meats have lots of chemicals.


Spanish: Stay away from the chuleta fritas (fried porkchops). It’s not the cleanest food to eat but it’s probably what you would eat at your abuela’s house and much healthier than the bullshit you’d probably eat. But don’t make it a staple in your diet.


Crown Fried Chicken: DO NOT COLLECT $200, GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL – meaning don’t even think about eating here.


Chinese: This one is tricky. As a Brooklyn native, four chicken wings with pork fried rice is a hood staple. And if you feel like balling, General Tso’s chicken will have you feeling fancy. But I’m going to strongly advise that you order only the steamed options.


Indian: This is probably one of the healthiest options in my neighborhood, and yet the most expensive. So I can’t even drop $10 here and get a decent anything. But when I do buy from here it’s worth it.


So yeah a busy week, where you can’t cook can really screw up your eating plans, if you don’t plan ahead.


Nia Raquelle is Brooklyn native, currently having a secret love affair with desserts while in a long term relationship with long distance running. 

Follow her antics on IG, EatWithNia, SnapChat, GarminConnect – EatWithNia
And you can challenge her to a run on the Nike+ app – NiaRaquelle. She might beat you though. 


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