My Confession…It Works

May 4, 2016


Confessions… I’m seeing some more noticeable changes. 
My clothes, specifically my blouses/ tops are looser. My pants are much more comfortable in the waistband. And I’m starting to see more definition in my core. Yes my core, it’s actually there under the cookies, cakes, donuts and other bullshit. 


And with that being said I have a confession…
When I first set out to do this challenge I didn’t really take it as serious as I probably should have. Granted I was writing this post for those of us on the chubbier side of the fitness spectrum. 

I knew this would be a challenge for someone who loves food more than themselves and has literally stopped talking to people over food. 

Yes I have a problem. But the deeper I delved into this, I’ve learned that the kitchen is about 30% of the equation, while emotional/ mental and spiritual health make up the other 50% and exercise is 20%. How you feel can play a huge role in the things you consume. I’m living proof of that. I mean shit I celebrate Taco Tuesdau religiously like it’s an actually holiday, it’s on my calendar for goodness sakes. 


Like I said I have issues. But here we are 2 months later and I’ve loss about 3 1/2 inches from my waist. I never wondered if I could lose the weight, it was about keeping it off. 

And while I just killed this half marathon on Sunday, I have another one in 2 weeks and I think about how much I could do with less fat around my core. 
Visceral fat, (that blubber we have in the midsection smothering our very necessary to function organs) is a motherfucker to lose. But how bad do you want it gone? The fat at the bottom of your abdomen is some of the hardest fat to lose and can lead to FUPA if it continues to go untreated. (If you don’t know what FUPA is look it up…). 


Anyways, I’ve always been an advocate for not depriving yourself of deliciousness in favor of being cranky and “slim”. Not I. And you don’t have to calorie count. It’s just about common sense. So as I embark on the last month of this journey, this week will be the last time I give updates on my waist size until the end. Notice I haven’t given any updates on my weight and for good reason. 


Am I finally taking this challenge seriously? 


I’d say I have been for the past 3 weeks or so. 


It’s a little hard sometimes bc I do need to eat more calories during my training season, which is now for me and into November. 



What am I doing differently from here on?


Cutting back on sugar. That’s basically my drug of choice. I’m down to 3 days a week. When I started this challenge it was 6 days a week. Don’t judge some of you drink 6 sodas in a day. 


It’s been said it takes 30 days to establish a habit. But what you have to remember is this isn’t a habit this is a lifestyle change. It’s like getting off drugs. 

Nia Raquelle is Brooklyn native, currently having a secret love affair with desserts while in a long term relationship with long distance running. 

Follow her antics on IG, EatWithNia, SnapChat, GarminConnect – EatWithNia

And you can challenge her to a run on the Nike+ app – NiaRaquelle. She might beat you though. 


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