My 1st Month Results Are In…

March 30, 2016


First, I want to tell you guys I ate 5 tacos today along with oatmeal for breakfast and it was delicious!

Secondly, the 80/20 eating plan is working for me… so far. Why? Because while it has restrictions I’m still able to eat clean along with food that I probably shouldn’t be eating and still be “healthy”.

It’s a good balance. In my experience the reason most people fail at weight loss is because they place their self on such tight restrictions.

Honestly speaking, This is hard, This lifestyle change (I hate the word diet) is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. Easily top 3. The hardest part of all of this is deciding if I’m going to have a bad meal or sugar. I generally choose sugar because I’m an addict. And yes you can be addicted to sugar (hello soda and juice drinkers, I’m talking to you).

Have I made progress?


Yes! I’m drinking more water than I use to. That’s saying a lot because while I don’t drink soda/ juice unless I’m out at a restaurant with other people. I generally drink, tea and seltzer. I’m also finding it easier to say “No, ” and for me, that’s something that’s really hard to do. They say it takes 21 days to make something a habit I think it takes me 45 days

Notice any changes?


Wellllll I’m glad you asked. Monday I was doing some cross training and let me set the record straight. Every year during my training I say I’m going to incorporate cross training and never do. This year I did and it’s been brutal. I did 45 minutes using the Nike NTC app and while it did kick my ass I wasn’t  burnt out AND I was finally able to do a modified push up properly. So while running has always been somewhat “effortless” cross training and strength training hasn’t, but it’s getting easier for me. While most people may not count that as progress in this journey it’s a sign that my fitness is improving and that’s a good thing.


I’m also happy and shocked to report that my waist, ahem is now 33 inches. (Personally  I think that’s slightly flawed) it could be the result of stress. I haven’t seen any weight loss which tells me that I’m losing water weight in my waist which is a great start( it’s only been a couple weeks ) I’m curious to see the results in another four weeks. I wasn’t expecting this much change within a month but now I’m optimistic.


Nia Raquelle is Brooklyn native, currently having a secret love affair with desserts while in a long term relationship with long distance running. 


Follow her antics on IG, EatWithNia, SnapChat, GarminConnect – EatWithNia

And you can challenge her to a run on the Nike+ app – NiaRaquelle. She might beat you though. 


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