Coconut Oil Can Save The World

February 1, 2016


Over the last two years Coconut oil has moved up the ranks from being that product women used to control their hair and skin to being one of the leading products in health, fitness, and lifestyle. It really does fix everything, seriously, everything. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if this stuff is exactly what the good folks of Flint Michigan are missing to fix this water crisis(please donate). But before you head out there with a tube of oil here are some great benefits to coconut oil and why it should be in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and if you’re like me…your car( don’t ask).



We’re going to keep this as PG-13 as possible, i’m trying to be a good example this year. so let’s dig in: coconut oil is all natural( unlike normal lubricant) and doesn’t contain any preservatives or added ingredients that can cause adverse reactions in people with allergies, also keep in mind it’s way more lubricating than a water-based version so it lasts longer so it won’t get sticky and you can rock all night .Another cool point is that Coconut oil has also been shown to be anti-fungal, so it can help keep nasty yeast infections away. while all of that sounds good, one of the best parts is It even works great as a massage oil before, after, and during sex.


Without getting too Bill Nye the Science on you guys, coconut oil’s ability to control hunger is may be one of the best features this product has. It also improves digestion by helping the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins, calcium, and magnesium all while helping you lose body fat. “ to lose fat, you have to eat fat” so adding a daily serving or two of coconut oil can actually help your body to maintain stable blood-sugar levels by promoting the efficient production and use of insulin, thus providing more glucose to give you energy and help you lose weight. lastley, since this oil is high in good fats add it to your shake, frying pan, and even your coffee. 




I sit here before you as a living testament of the muscle building factors of coconut oil.coconut oil taken before training has the potential to enhance performance, as the body would use the fats in addition to carbohydrates to power you through your exercise. its also a great post-workout drink or meal additive. nutrients from it will stimulate insulin secretion(this is the hormone that will pump nutrients into the muscles) thus allowing you to gain lean mucle mass faster. 


coconut oil can improve the moisture and content of the skin. It can also be very protective against hair damage. If you have dandruff or dry hair, coconut oil is full of the fatty acids that can improve these conditions. Now we finally get why all the amazing natural hair girls have been hiding this under their beds. 
They also can kill a specific bacteria that has been known as increasing the risk of stomach cancer called helicobacter pylori. It’s believed the introduction of coconut oil can prevent cancer from developing!

At this point i’m going to go out on a limb and say that coconut oil can get rid of Donald Trump, restore Beat Up sneakers, defend steph curry and even stop racism. Make sure you head to your local grocery store and buy the one bottle that’s going to singlehandedly change your life. 


*Puts on a shrine and prays *


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