How To Eat Healthy on A $100 A Week “Diet”

September 28, 2015

So I’ve been reading comments everyday about how expensive it is to buy food and I figured if anyone is going to help y’all out it might as well be me. So I want to dive into how to save y’all hundreds a month by switching to GIECO.. Wait, I mean by eating out and even food shopping so you can spend on things like bills, vacations, and hiring a personal trainer * cough cough *



Let’s look at the facts first :

The average American spends $1,200 a year on fast food- which means things like burgers, fries and my arch enemy “Popeyes” *Hello Newman* that’s about 25.00 dollars a week on eating food that are hurting us. Now I’m not saying don’t eat out of enjoy a burger but no way they should you willingly spend that much on problem causing food a week ( to be honest , I think we can call BS on that number because if your buying lunch/dinner and breakfast daily … You are easily spending over $75 a week) 


The average American spends $150.00 a week on food – which means grocery shopping,and snacks. So that’s $600 a month of food shopping, and buying snacks during your days. Which means that you could also own a Mercedes Benz if you just knew how to shop effectively and manage a spending budget for what you need vs. what you want. 

* gives you a second to wonder how the hell do you NOT own a Benz, sky walker, or apartment by now considering the way you’re flushing money away *


Not to worry,I’m going to break down how you can “more than get by” while spending $100 or less per week on food. 


* hands everyone in class $100 worth of Monopoly money *


If you can choose organic, please do. It’s much healthier for you due to less pesticide exposure, and is very easy to do these days with more stores offering affordable organic foods.

and yes you reserve the right to change any of these listed below for something of equal monetary value.

1. One bag of chopped organic kale (or spinach)- $5
2. One head of broccoli (and/or cauliflower!)- $3
3. One bag of organic apples (or bananas, etc.) -$5
4. One bunch of organic celery -$3
5. Two Avocados or Sweet Potatoes, Onions, etc.- $4

right now you’re saying ” wow, I can do this” good ….wait for it


The bulk section will consist of grains and beans which will contain carbs,and good fats needed in any nutrition program or even any meal.


1.$4worth of whole grain oats / cereal 


2. $3 worth of raw almonds


3. $2 of beans


4. $ 5-10 of whole grain quinoa or rice




Really want to stay away from dairy as much as possible. Most are high in fat and can have negative health effects down the line so if we are having some I suggest going organic with the product 


1.Almond Milk ( get two just in case you live with greedy ass people ) $5-7


2. Organic Eggs $3


3. Greek yogurt $2




We have reached the most important of our shopping! 
Meat is a very efficient deliverer of protein. Because the muscles of animals and humans share the same components, eating animal tissue is an easy way to get this necessary nutrient.


1. Chicken Breast $ 8-12


2.Ground turkey $ 8-12


3.Fish $5-10


So I created the list to actually allow you to get away with eating out once a week! I’m not that bad of a guy after all,huh. We just spent $85 on a quality list with extra money to spend for “take out food” thus meaning $325 a month is now being spent on food which saves us over $250 a month which can go to your savings, bills….or QLF TRAINING SESSIONS. 


* walks thru whole foods while eating the free snacks all day to avoid spending ANY money * 


YOUR NEXT REP: Follow me on Twitter and IG and feel free to share and comment. All workout (and thought) partners are welcome!



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