#QLFGivesBack: Sweat 4 A Cause Charity Boot Camp!

July 15, 2015


​​​​​​You may know me as Irv, your friendly neighborhood Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Quantum Leap Fitness Blogger-in-Chief but you might not know that this digital space is part of my organization’s larger goal which is to explore and think critically about health, fitness and its role in today’s culture.


Ultimately,  QLF’s mission is to push the culture forward by changing the way our generation thinks about health, fitness, sports and even the athletes who play them. But to do that we know that we first have to be the change we want to see around us.


What’s Keeping Us Up at Night?


Diabetes. Compared to the general population, African Americans are disproportionately affected by this disease. According to research, diabetes is 60% more common in Black Americans than any other group. Scientists have made considerable progress on curing on Type 1 Diabetes and findings suggest that a key part of a cure is early detection. However Type 2 Diabetes remains incurable and can only be regulated.


What Are We Going To Do About It?


Recently, my uncle was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  He is a man I deeply respect, admire and consider a father figure. Knowing that he now has an incurable disease touched me to my core.  But it forced me to think about a way to impact our future and current culture by focusing on preventative measures to make sure that no one else’s loved one has to live with this disease. So, Quantum Leap Fitness is going to  “Sweat For A Cause!” At our charity bootcamp,  our  mission is to raise diabetes awareness within our community by creating a day for exercise, nutrition, and education for 100+ fitness participants.


A portion of the proceeds from the event will go to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation(JDRF)- The only global organization with a strategic plan to bring those living with Type 1 Diabetes continuous flow of life-changing therapies and, ultimately, a cure for the disease.


How Can You Help?


Changing the world is lofty and big dream. But if we could do it alone, we aren’t dreaming big enough. Here are 3 ways in which you can help:


1. Share!


Feel free to say something like this: 

On August 29, join @ZeusDaGreat91 at ‘Sweat 4 a Cause’ Charity Bootcamp to help end Type 2 diabetes! http://ow.ly/2bu3eS #QLF #fitness #nyc


2.  Sweat!


I’m always excited to meet my readers and the QLF blog community. If you are in the NYC area (or would like to take a trip to the fair Republic of Brooklyn), come out and join us!


3. Run (Those Pockets)! 


Kidding. Kind of. If you can’t come out, do what you can to support the cause. Invest in our community by donating here.


As they say, teamwork makes the dreamwork. Let’s work together to keep our communities healthy and informed. Can’t wait to see you there!



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