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May 27, 2015


* puts on lab coat and heads to QLF laboratory also known as my room *


Recently I’ve been asked numerous fitness questions on twitter about nutrition and how to eat properly. A lot of these questions are pretty simple but then someone finds a way to use 140 characters to ask me to go over carb,protein, and good fats and it’s relationship to how much calories they should eat in so much detail Dr.Oz would get uncomfortable ( practically cause he doesn’t know jack squat but I digress).So I figured why not take it to a forum where I can write all I want and not worry about a random person trying to debate me mid-tweet ( use the comment box here guys )


Here’s the thing, there’s no simple answer to questions about how much calorie you should take in. It’s actually really complicated but it’s very needed. Not counting calories is like trying to drive to Miami but not knowing how much gas money you will need for the trip. The problem is that most of us will chance that drive, so A lot of these sites and fitness enthusiast will give you some form of generic answer as the” key to your problems” and I want you to look them in the face and say ” YOU DONT HAVE THE ANSWERS MAN!” To be honest …they don’t , but…I do! Everyone has a specific caloric intake goal wether it’s to loose wight,gain weight or simply stay the same. So the amount of proteins, carbs and good fats you will intake isn’t going to be the same as the person to the left and right of you. I’m going to lay down the formula for you because I want to see us do Better(and cause I hateDr.Oz ) this post is going to go left in a few because you are going to need a calculator, paper, and pencil. Yes..MATH IS BACK! I know I know All them days of drawing pictures and practicing your autograph for when you become famous in anything but math in your five star notebook instead of paying attention to the ” my dear aunt Sally” routine is coming back to ruin your day today.


Now, before you start the “formulaQLF”( I just made that up) understand if you got ATLEAST a 65 grade in math class like I did you should be fine. We are going to break the body weight down by lean muscle and body fat to find out how much protein, carbs, and fats it will take to get the results we want….enjoy


Step 1

Weight yourself :_______lb


Step 2
The next step is to assess your body fat percentage.There are several tools to measure the percent body fat such as calipers, infrared detectors, and underwater weighing. Underwater weighing is the most accurate but it is also the most time consuming and expensive. My suggestion is to go to your local gym and ask a trainer to give you a body fat test( they have to say yes)
Body Fat = __________%


Step 3
Calculate how much the stored body fat weighs:
Current weight __________ lbs. x __________% body fat = __________ lbs. of fat


Step 4
Calculate Lean Body Mass:
Current weight __________ lbs. minus fat lbs. __________ = __________ lbs. of LBM


* stops class *


Now that we know how our body stacks up in regards to Lean Muscle Mass and Body Fat
We can now find out how many calories we need to achieve success


* put glasses back on and turns back to chalkboard*


Now, Determining Daily Caloric Requirements:


Option 1:


Determine resting metabolic requirements. * kg = weight in pounds/2.2

This is how much calories your body needs to function daily.

Men: 13 calories for each pound of LBM, or if you don’t know LBM use: 1.0 x kg x 24 = kcal (Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR))

Women: 12 calories for each pound of LBM, or if you don’t know LBM use: 0.9 x kg x 24 = kcal (BMR)

So we have two ways to calculate how much calories you need: one way is with your LEAN MUSCLE MASS and a second way is by finding your BMR if you don’t have the former information. This may change your results plus or minus a couple hundreds.


Step 2: Apply a “lifestyle multiplier” which does not include workouts.
Light office work, mostly seated …………………………………………..1.2
Housework, including shopping, errands ……………………………….1.3
Clerical, on feet most of the day doing light work…………………..1.4
Light construction, or lots of walking ……………………………………1.5
Heavy construction, warehousing, moving, etc……………………….1.6


The “lifestyle multiplier” basically helps us numerically track the type of day you tend to have.


Review the formula for total caloric intake:


Scenario 1: Weight Loss


Option 2:


LBM = __________ lbs. x 13(men) or 12(women) = __________ calories (RMR)
RMR = __________ x lifestyle factor (1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, or 1.6) = __________ calories

3. Add in 1/2 the number of calories burned in workout.(you want to shoot for a minimum of 750-800 cals per workout )
4. Subtract 500 kcal/day to lose one pound/week (maximum 2 lbs./week).
RMR x lifestyle factor + (1/2 calories burned working out) – 500 kcal = total daily caloric intake


Scenario 2: Weight Gain

1. LBM = __________ lbs. x 13(men) or 12 (women) = __________ calories (RMR)
2. RMR = __________ x lifestyle factor (1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, or 1.6) = __________ calories

3. Add in the total number of calories burned in workout.
4. Add 500 kcal for one pound of weight gain/week.
RMR x lifestyle factor + (total calories burned working out) + 500 kcal = total daily caloric intake


Step 4: Determine quantities of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.
Weight Loss:


 1. Calculate protein in the ratio of 0.7 grams protein to each pound of current LBM or take 12% of total caloric intake.

2. Calculate fats not to exceed 30% of calories.

3. Calculate carbohydrates to make up the balance of total daily calories or take 58% of total caloric intake.


LBM x 0.7 = __________ grams of protein x 4 = __________ calories


Total calories x 30% = __________ fat calories divided by 9 = fat grams


Remaining calories divided by 4 = __________carbohydrate grams


Now class, your probably stressed out looking at these numbers but also happy that they will lead you to success! At this point you know exactly how much calories you need daily and even know how much protein, carbs and fats you need. You are now ready to graduate.


* takes off lab coat and perscrption glasses off… Seeing as I don’t wear glasses *


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