QLF vs. Food (Vol. 1, Issue 2)

May 18, 2015

Not surprisingly, I’m sitting in a diner in Queens at 2:30am as I write this. Hey, a monster’s gotta eat, right ?! Eh, the ambiance in here could be better and it’s taken me fifteen minutes to decide on a meal ( I’m going with eggs and cottage cheese, in case your wondering) but nevertheless; QLF VS FOOD, Vol I, Issue II!


This one took a little convincing to write about because the point of this feature was to address the perceived healthy food scarcity in my community and those like mine.  In most of Manhattan, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a salad bar or Whole Foods so writing about healthy spots in the city doesn’t seem as urgent.  However, the city is where the majority of us bridge and tunnel folk go to imbibe off-hours fun. And generally, when people think ‘fun,’ they don’t think ‘healthy.’ Finding a place that joins the two seems singular and important.


So, Today’s spotlight goes to …


Spring Street Natural, a gluten free, vegan friendly restaurant that not only serves healthy fare but also does so with organic food that is ethically and locally sourced. The ambiance is great too. Located on a bustling corner in Soho, by day, it’s a great place to hang with the squad, and by night, to wine (or juice) and dine bae. After all, what better way to show that special someone you care about than to take care of their heart? Literally. Plus, we all know how love can lead to lbs.


Sure, the menu isn’t that extensive ( I admittedly have a 4,000 calorie/day intake goal, so I might not be the best judge of what ‘not extensive’ is) but the food is decadent and tasty. I started off the night with the organic Korean Chicken wings and then had the ‘ Dry Aged Beef Burger’ with hand cut fries ( a cheat meal done right). But, let’s say you don’t want to eat all the livestock in NYC; they have something for you veggie lovers too. My dinner companion, Addi, had the Sesame Seed and Sea Salt Edamame to start and as an entrée, the Stir Fry Organic Vegetables sautéed in garlic and tamarind sauce over brown rice and Tofu.


Looking back on it though, my waiter was a little shifty–not because he was rude, but I’m particular about how I like my iced tea and I’m not sure he appreciated my “passion.” Other than that, it was a fantastic restaurant and I’d definitely return.

 For those of you that are like me and hate to drive into the city, you’re in luck; Spring Street Natural is essentially around the corner from the 6 train and  fairly central to most of the Village. Perfect for late night  folks looking for an after spot.


Most important (to me, at least) Spring Street Natural gives us everything we want in fancy healthy eating and is worth the investment. Good thing that investment is relatively reasonable. Most appetizers are priced between $10.00-15.00 while the meals range from $15.00-28.00.

It’s worth the trek to the Village. Try it out; you won’t be disappointed!


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