QLF VS FOOD (Vol. 1, Issue 1)

May 12, 2015

(Literally 90% of my thoughts happen in my car sitting outside my house for 2 hours)


So I was sitting in my car mixing a protein shake (yes it’s a messy process lol) the other week and it hit me, it’s not that people in the inner cities don’t want to eat healthy it’s more so that there aren’t much healthy choices in said cities. Go around your local “hood” and we will see Popeyes,Golden Krust, Crown fried, Crown Fried and another Crown Fried. Now, ask yourself why is the diabetes, and obesity rate so much higher in these communities? our environment and for 3.99 those 4 pieces of processed chicken and processed fries with a sugary drink will be your answer.



Now I get that people “should” do research and shouldn’t complain when resources are all around but let’s be honest your grandma probably  doesn’t know how to use google maps and according to CNN 1 out of 5 adults don’t know how to use the internet and that underprivileged family down the block that can’t afford wifi charges due to financial setbacks also” can’t use google maps” the problem is healthy spots are created everywhere but still not very easy to find. And inner city folks become a product of their environment due to the fact that nobody is really leading the charge to teach them more.


* In steps Irv, que superman theme song*


So while I thought about this I figured ; how bout I open a new section to QLF! Every week we are going around to healthy food spots, taking over the menu and reporting the findings back to the masses( I feel like this happened in the bible somewhere) and today’s spotlight moment goes to…


Freshark Juice Bar and Grill


 This gem of a spot is located on 312 Sunrise Highway in Rockville Centre NY. My client Kris put me on so I went over there and had to see for myself. it’s a small spot but it’s super clean and They carry all organic foods,no microwave,no fryers, no additives. The menu is very Fitness conscious from the breakfast options like spartan wrap made with egg whites, grilled chicken, feta, tomato, spinach or the grilled power platter options which allow you to make your own healthy meal for lunch.If you’re in a run or looking for a snack for later FreshArk also has homemade smoothies and healthy snacks like fan favorite ” Protein Balls” ( made up of peanut butter, whey protein, granola, dark chocolate & raisins) or the homemade granola bars(made from raw oats, nuts, dried fruits, agave power bar).


By now you probably feel like I’m getting a check for this lol but to be honest as I sat down with my “Tex Mex wrap” with double chicken and protein balls I realized what’s the point of knowing this information and not sharing it with y’all to help create a healthier culture. ( but if y’all want to talk ads please contact addi @ adr…nvmind) whether you are in the gym religiously or just a healthy eater looking for “On-the-Go” options this place is a great look! As for cost…it’s not as cheap as mcdonald’s but won’t cost you an arm and a leg to to invest in your health. I would give this “$.5” ( that .5 represents half a dollar sign Duhhh)


 Please check this place out! If you live in queens / Long Island it’s right in your backyard…if coming from any other boroughs I’d say it’s worth the trip and tell em Irv sent you


* walks into FreshArk and knocks over all the personal Trainer flyers in there *



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