#QLFGivesBack; Full Creative Control’s Basketball Tournament

April 27, 2015

At the heart of everything we do at QLF is one goal: “Aspire to Inspire.” I’m fortunate to be an advocate for that in the fitness industry and merely a tool to the bigger picture. The power to create change and impact the culture has never been easier. It’s as simple as a hashtag, Instagram post, or even Facebook status box. Through these, we have the ability to reach out anyone in a million mile radius and get our point across.

 This past Saturday,  I gladly put my resources and energy towards being a key sponsor for FULL CREATIVE CONTROL (FCC)’s 1st annual basketball tournament.  The tournament is FCC’s brainchild as five kids from Brooklyn (Christian James and his friends Sele, Saintanor, Michael, and Chyna) sought to  put together an event to help send a High School kid to college on a scholarship. Four teams played their hearts out in front of a packed gym filled with family,friends,and supporters in Brooklyn. Each game was a thriller from high flying dunks to contested jump shots that made the gym go crazy. We even raffled off a Quantum Leap Fitness training session( just doing my part lol) just when we thought that the snacks,beverages, and free workout was enough, FCC bought out some amazing artists to perform during the final game.

 Chris and his team took a good cause we all belief in and infused it with an element of fun and entertainment that we can all relate to. The power of education, giving away a scholarship to allow a kid to be better tomorrow is exactly the type of growth we need and exemplifies the idea of pushing the culture forward!.

 I’m proud of this generation man! It’s inspiring to watch our youth take charge and and demand better ! As I drove home it hit me; nothing makes these kids any more special than you and me; They put their pants on one leg at a time just like you and me ( although, sometimes I actually try to jump in them to them two legs at a time but that’s neither here nor there). The only difference might that they’ve decided not to let the world dictate and control what things or issues get attention and support. I can only hope that this event is the start of a movement where we have fun giving back! I for sure am inspired and I once again want to thank FCC for allowing Quantum Leap Fitness to be apart of this and continue to “Aspire to Inspire.”



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