Paving Your Road to Fitness

February 2, 2015

Editor’s Note: Since starting Quantum Leap Fitness I’ve been able to write my thoughts, help with nutrition ideas and even challenge the way people see working out. But while doing so I realized that Quantum Leap Fitness is bigger than me and it’s only right that it reflects that by lending more perspectives on fitness from other passionate trainers and workout enthusiasts. So today I welcome Jason Hunte, personal trainer and nurse technician to give us some insight health and fitness through his eyes! Follow him at @ChasingJason!


Beginners (or re-starters),  I’m here for you!  As a personal trainer, I’ve always enjoyed working with beginners. People struggle with getting into shape, especially  with weight loss, I know how annoying, and disheartening it can be when you have the will to try but don’t know where to start. In my experience as a trainer and working in the nursing field, my goal is always to get people to  reach their goal safely and with the least amount of mental and physical stress. So below,  check out my 3 quick steps to go from couch potato to gym rat.


1. Start slow You’re a beginner, you’re body isn’t use to high intensity exercises, so don’t jump into it thinking that’s the best route, don’t overwhelm yourself physically and mentally because it’ll lead to emotional stress and you’ll most likely quit. The hardest part is getting started and I understand that so start off by doing three to four days a week to build consistency in this new found arena.

 Here’s a great place to start:   30-45 minutes of basic cardio (brisk walk, elliptical machine, or any other cardio machine) for a few weeks to help get your body out of that sedentary state. After your 30-45 minutes cardio sessions, do some body weight exercises like squats, jumping jacks, push-ups and other functional movements. Most folks feel and see results within the first three weeks. What do I mean by ‘results?’  After a few weeks, you’ll notice that your skill set will has increased and everyday normal tasks are becoming easier. For example, you’re not as winded walking up those stairs, you sleep better and have more energy. You might even notice small changes in the way your body looks. You’ll realize that you’re getting narrow–I like to use that word “narrow” because that’s exactly what you’ll see. You’ll notice it in your shoulders and your waist line mostly. Sometimes,  just those small changes give people the motivation needed to continue. Like I mentioned before, you’ll feel that increase in endurance and strength and THATS when you should start increasing your intensity because your body will demand that you do more. In oppose to starting off too strong and forcing your body to do more.

2. Don’t cut out poor food choices completely, start by cutting back slowly. Your body is use to the nonsense you’re eating so any little change in your eating habits, you’ll notice it quickly. As you get more comfortable in your new health regimen, you’ll want to remove more and more of the negative eating habits to accommodate the nutritional needs of your body.

3. Follow a program that fits YOU. Working with a trainer is always ideal, but if you choose not to, do some online research and find exercises that target your goals specifically. Don’t waste your time freestyling in the gym. Don’t be ‘that guy’ that does 40 exercises which do very little towards  meeting your goal,  when 4-5 optimum exercises could have had the same effect. Forget what everyone else is doing, get in YOUR zone and stay there.


Exercising is not easy, especially at the beginning, that’s why it’s key to start slow and build.


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