QLF’s 10min Workout That Works

December 21, 2015


Looking to get in shape but don’t have the “ time “? look no further ! This 10 minute workout will get you in shape and save you a bunch of time to enjoy the rest of your day. I know , I know you’re wondering” how is 10 minutes suppose to help me “ ? Well let’s start by breaking doing the idea of working out. Most gym goers tend to feel that if they are not putting in 150 min in the gym 5x a week they are getting nothing done.while we grew up on this ideology it’s important to know that working out for very long bouts of time can actually hurt you more than help you since you’re bound to trigger muscle loss because their is fundamentally no way you can work at a high level for that amount of time.  

The key to seeing results and a good workout is efficiency. We are removing everything you thought you knew about working and out implementing a new brand ( to some ) it’s called HITT which stands for High Intense Interval Training. HIIT has Been around for a while but in a world that looks for shortcuts to fitness and deals with having time as a variable to actually working out HIIT Has become more and more popular over the last couple years. So what’s HIIT? It basically means putting together a couple exercises in a format which will use time count( 60 seconds , 90 seconds 120 seconds) instead of rep count( 10,12,15 reps). with little rest time In Between. The goal is to get your heart rate up which in turn will help you burn more calories and tap into fatty deposits. 

There are no meandering trips to the water fountain, no sweaty gossip sessions and no long-winded affirmations. Instead, there are plyometrics like squat jumps, bodyweight/ light weight training, core work and a promise that you can do anything for the allotted seconds.


 The beauty of this program is that since it’s so time efficient, you don’t need more than 10mins to actually get a quality workout. But For the duration of the exercise, you need to push yourself as hard as you safely can. This workout will challenge your heart and stamina because to make it work we are looking for 100% max effort. 

Now, I want to make sure everyone understands. This program can’t replace strength programs( weight training) altogether but if coupled with healthy eating it will help you get tone and lose a couple inches in some unwanted areas when done right. Down below I listed a HIIT workout you can try in your living room, bedroom, local park( god bless you global warming) or even the gym. 




  1. Push-ups 

  2. Mountain climbers 

  3. Plank hold 

  4. Squats

  5. Burpees

  6. Tricep chair dips 

  7. Toe touches

  8. Lunges

  9. Bicycle kicks

  10. Jump squat

Leave comments about the workout and ask any questions you may have below.


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