Your Biggest Breakfast Mistakes

November 23, 2015

For the most part, outside of a couple specific programs we all know that having breakfast is more to your advantage then it’s not. From setting the tempo of food portion control, to even just having more energy in the morning and through out the day  post breakfast.But, we have also been making a lot of mistakes when it comes to eating breakfast. Don’t worry it’s really okay. Nothing we can’t fix so step away from the frozen pancakes or that stale bagel from “Ak” at the corner store.




Starting the day with a caffeine kick can enhance focus, alertness and performance and even start the mobilization of body fat . But Too much sugar and creamer, however, increases the number of calories, and the added sugar set’s you up for an energy crash soon after. These sneaky calories will also have you gaining weight without even noticing. excess sugar and creamer is sure to derail you from your goal. Now I know this isn’t the best tasting,appealing , “sexy” way but try black coffee , remember #BlacklivesMatter, trust me or try limiting yourself to one sugar and one cream, or opt for sugar-free creamers.( that’s the #AllLivesMatters group) either way,you can be successful. 



Most people still don’t get how ports to drinking water is,  think cause we were forced to drink it as kids and now being forced as adults we naturally just want to rebel and grab a juicy box-please put the box down…the number one issue with water and early mornings is that when we wake up we are often times dehydrated which will result in cotton mouth,dry skin , sleepiness , and even headaches . Start your day with 8-12 ounces of water upon waking—yes, even before you brush your teeth or checking your Twitter . This is especially important if you’re #QLF training first thing in the morning, since being dehydrated by as little as little as 3 percent can reduce power output, increase your rate of fatigue, and increase your risk for injuries.




Juicing is the new “hot topic” of debate and I already spoke on the positive and negatives to this fad but just so we are clear; While it provides ample opportunity to boost fruit and vegetable intake, it’s not a sufficient breakfast on its own. Juice lacks fiber, ultimately promoting hunger and fatigue shortly after consumption. If you’re still set on juicing or incorporating juice into your morning routine, pair it with protein and a high-fiber carbohydrate option.thats all I got for you juice heads.




Having carbs seems to be the go-to thing to do for breakfast , and that’s fine but stay away for snotty carbs and crappy fillers. Like pastries , bagels ,the goal is to get carbs that are high in fiber. The lower the fiber, the faster you will be hungry, tired, and risk over-eating. Follow this chart, it will show you some carbs that are high fiber thus them being high on the glycemic side. High fiber slows down digestion and promotes fullness as well as long-lasting energy. So opt for whole-grain sources such as oatmeal, high-fiber cereal,thank me later.

I know waking up on Mondays is hard enough, but since you have no choice (adult) let’s set ourselves up the right way so we don’t end up going to work ready to kill the first person that talks to us, or better yet,kill your boss for absolutely no reason other than your tired of working for him or her but…if you do, thank me for the energy you have because of breakfast  to perform the task.


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