The Top 3 Reasons You Over Eat

October 26, 2015

Very few things in life make me happy: Football, Family, and Food.Personally, if I could trade my family for food…I would. While that’s neither here nor there,one thing I realized from years of health and fitness is that “Food ” is coincidentally in  most people’s top 3 ” happy moments”. Which brings me to today’s post on understanding reasons you over eat. A large part of the weight issues we have today isn’t because we ” don’t know” how to eat, what to eat, when to eat. We are simply just overeating. Food for thought, you do the dishes ….or not.

1. You’re Distracted


Ask yourself ,How often do you just eat without watching TV,scrolling your Timeline , or working ?
Multitasking lessens your body’s ability to sense the amount of food you are eating and thus how full it should make you.So eating while you watch a screen of any kind  can lead to consuming more food and a reduced ability to remember how much you ate. Try to Engage in eating as its own activity, and be mindful of what you’re putting in your mouth. According to studies,those who could recall exactly what they ate for lunch downed 30 percent less than those who couldn’t. 



 2.You Eat Out Too Much


According to the USDA, more than 40 percent of meals are eaten away from home. The loss of control over portion sizes often leads to overeating, most restaurants take pride in serving large portions and family style plates.while it looks good, it’s very easy to take in 2000 calories just at dinner. A couple tips to managing your portion size and menu control can help.


3.You Frequently Say, ‘F**k it’

See if this sounds familiar. You eat a slice of pizza for a snack, and immediately grab another. You hesitate, and remember you have a session with me in the morning but then think, “F@ck it , I’ve already blown my diet. I might as well eat the whole thing!”


Try to keep a logical perspective: Having an extra piece or two of pizza isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of your diet. In theory You can just eat a little less later in the day, or adjust your diet a little tomorrow but remember that there’s a big difference between eating 300 extra calories of pizza versus 1,000 calories worth of pizza.

Or don’t have the pizza at all, I YES CLIENTS, IM TALKING TO YOU  


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