Get Lifted Fitness Takes Over: Prospect Park

May 23, 2014

Recipe for a Bootcamp Sunday


Sunny day ( check)


Scenic park locale ( check)


People of all walks of life dedicated to fitness (check)


Get a trainer to be ” the host with the most” for  the event ( check)


That combination breeds success! As co-founder of GET LIFTED Fitness I am fully aware  of how explosive that dynamic can be. A few weeks ago Selector Sean came to me and asked me to lead his new campaign  “Why Be Ordinary?”  by designing a  2-week boot camp experience for 10 hand-picked winner of Sean’s contest.  I created 10 workout stations requiring a 100% commitment and gave the group one rule; everyone has to finish; one team, one dream.   Our first Sunday was a success! People came, saw and conquered an intense, hour long workout that not only challenged them physically but also mentally.




“Ask yourself honestly, what would you have to sacrifice to have what you really want? Your social life? Relationships? Credit cards? Free time? Sleep? Now answer this question: What are you willing to sacrifice? If those two lists don’t match up, you don’t want it badly enough.” Excerpt From: Tim S Grover & Shari Wenk. “Relentless.” Scribner. iBooks.





I’m excited to announce that Week Two of #GET LIFTED Fitness  (in partnership with “Why Be Ordinary “)  is sold out! To all coming I’m excited to see you all there; we’re going to be uncomfortable for 60 minutes to be comfortable for a lifetime!

So, expect a lot of fun, passion and intensity and sweat…Thank me later.



Interested in designing a bootcamp experience for your team, friends or group? Let’s talk about it! Reach out to me at bodybyzeustraining (at) gmail (dot) com


Photos by Manny Fresco 


YOUR NEXT REP: Follow me on Twitter and IG  and feel free to share and comment.  All workout (and thought) partners are welcome!



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