Certified in Personal Training, QLF founder Irving "Zeus" Hyppolite gives his clients and those who support him so much more than that. With a focus on impacting health, fitness and culture, he continues to challenge both himself as well as those who believe in his vision. 


Founded in 2014, the goal is to inspire others to make quantum leaps of advancement in every aspect of their lives. Known for his motivational quotes and speeches, Irving proclaims that, "To be comfortable, you must first challenge yourself to be uncomfortable." This quote and many others from the QLF founder has contributed to his success in training hundreds of clients to reach their fitness goals. 


Irving's cutting-edge training style, pulls from athletic strength and conditioning techniques while stressing  fundamentals. Not only does his unique method shape an aesthetic body for clients, it trains them to meet high physical demands and function at an elite level. His ability to transform both mind and body makes him highly sought after in NYC. 

Evolving from once being a blog for the former pro football player, QLF's influence can be experienced through weekly newsletters, boot camps, instructional videos on social media, nutritional advice, and of course, personal 1-on-1 training.

Irving "Zeus" Hyppolite - Certified Fitness Trainer


As a former professional Arena Football Player, Irving "Zeus" Hyppolite posesses a great deal of knowledge in various aspects of fitness and training. QLF offers one on one personal training, performance training for athletes and even training for small groups.


The Inner U Bootcamp is a 60 minute HIIT Bootcamp that takes place every Monday at 7pm. This class will test your heart, dedication, and push you to find the best part of you while celebrating black fitness. Created in 2016, and inspired by Irv "Zeus" Hyppolite's dedication to creating a space for black millennial's that made working out fun while  addressing cultural issues, and  celebrating empowerment ! Welcome to the Inner U.


Morbid Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure rates continues to climb and claim members of our community. We are under attack and often, the culprit is at the end of our forks. ‘Lift The Fork’ Series was created by Irving "Zeus" Hyppolite as a way to highlight healthy and affordable dining options throughout New York City, from franchises to cozy and unique eateries.


Ultimately, QLF’s mission is to push the culture forward by changing the way our generation thinks about health, fitness, sports and even the athletes who play them. But to do that we know that we first have to be the change we want to see around us. the #QLFGIVESBACK campaign does just that, by divulging directly within the community to make a change by simply, giving back.